Fantastic Crufts 2018.  Judged this year by breed specialist Mr Roger Banfield (UK)
Our team can be happy with results of all 6 entered dogs! 

Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers 'DYLAN' - 1st in Yearling Dog and ending up Reserve Dog CC.
Premier League Daydream Believers 'SIMON' - 4th in Yearling Dog
Greenbee Papijoa Why So Serious 'JOKER' - 3rd in Open Dog
Pour Un Flirt Avec Toi Daydream Believers 'FLIRT' - 3rd in Yearling Bitch
Miss Martini Royal De Costalina 'MIMI - 1st in Yearling Bitch
J'aime Le Paso Doble De Costalina 'POPEYE' -  Selected in Open Dog

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Mar 13, 2018

Double win at Flanders Dogshow

This weekend we went to Flanders International Dogshow.  
Ch.Greenbee Papijoa Why So Serious 'JOKER bred/owned by Se-Won Kim from South Korea won 1ex Champion class, CAC, CACIB,  BEST OF BREED and later GROUP 3

Our special girl OMG Daydream Believers 'LUNA' was second time out after a year break and won 1ex Open class, CAC-CACIB and BOS!

In minor puppies QT Pie Daydream Believers 'QT' charmed judge again and did showed like a star in mainring.

Breed judged by Mr Ehrenreich.

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Feb 20, 2018

Show debut for QT Daydream Believers

It has been a while since we showed in Denmark, to time to make a little roadtrip,  Oh Beating Like a Jungledrum Daydream Believers 'JUNGLE'  sure showed his ass off and ended second in open class.

First steps for our youngest girl QT Pie Daydream Believers and she put a smile on everyones face and had a perfect judging report.

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Feb 13, 2018

Back to Back BEST OF BREEDS at Goteborg

Unbelievable news reaching us from Sweden. This weekend was the biggest and most important swedish show MY dog in Goteborg.  I know Kjall and Madeleine looked forward taking their boy Dylan out in Junior class and to meet many new friends on the show.

What happened next is simply amazing, Little Dylan didnt only win junior class both days but went to take it all... BEST OF BREED on both days with an entry ver 75 papillons! Even adding a BIS Junior -4

Congratulations Kjall and Madeleine, you sure made us super proud!

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jan 12, 2018

New year, First Belgian show for Joker

First  belgian show of 2018 and Joker did perfect.  He won another CAC/CACIB, he now has enough cacibs for his Belgian and International title, must we must wait untill september to finish the titles, and he added another BOB today at Weelde International dogshow and adding a Group 4.

Judged today by MR Dirk Spruyt (BE)


Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jan 10, 2018

BIS and RBIS Baby for Maya in Paris

This weekend was first time out in the ring for our young hopefull girl Never Ending Magic De Costalina 'MAYA'
And she sure had her debut in style winning both days BOB Minor puppy, RBIS minor puppy on saturday and BIS minor puppy on sunday!

Breed judged by Mrs Laurent Pichard and Mr Jean-Francois Vanaken

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Jan 10, 2018

Dylan BOB, RBIS Junior and RBIG Brussels Doghow

JWW, wds junior bis Planet waves forever Young Daydream Believers 'DYLAN' won junior bob and BEST OF BREED again today!!!! Crufts Qualified for 3rd time in period of 1 month and adding Belgian Junior Winner to his list.
Ch.Greenbee Papijoa Why So Serious 'Joker' won double CAC/ CACIB and Belgian Winner title with also crufts qualification and became Second best male behind little Dylan 
Judged today by Mrs Tanja Engel (DE)

In mainring Dylan sure rocked winning Reserve BIS Junior, 3rd BIS Belgian Breeds and Second in Toy group.

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Dec 27, 2017

Dylan BOB, BIS Belgian Breeds at Brussels dogshow

great start of last show weekend of the year!!! JWW Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers 'DYLAN' not only winning belgian junior winner, Bob junior but also BEST OF BREED at Brussels trophy dogshow
He got shortlisted for BIS Junior, was BEST IN SHOW Belgian Breeds and a lovely 3rd place in Toy Group!. Judged today by toyspecialist from Slovenia Mrs Daniela Risdan (SLO).
Even more special to have Dylan's biggest supporters (his owners) Madeleine Ottosson and Kjall Ottosson with me

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Dec 27, 2017

Joker Wins Toy Group Amsterdam Winner Show

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Dec 27, 2017

BOB, BOS ,BOB junior and Group win at Amsterdam Winner

Now this is what we call a perfect day!  Our butterflies sure did an amazing job at the prestigious Amsterdam Winner show.
Jww'17 Planet Waves Forever Young Daydream Believers 'DYLAN' won junior class, became BOB Junior and won Reserve Best male. We can now call him Amsterdam Junior Winner '17 and he won his second Crufts Qualification.

His Little sister Pour Un Flirt Avec Toi Daydream Believers 'FLIRT' also won junior class with JCAC, won Best bitch and BOS. This made her not only Amsterdam Junior Winner '17 but Also Amsterdam Winner '17 and her first dutch cac. And double crufts qualifiation.


Ch.Greenbee Papijoa Why So Serious 'JOKER' was the star of the day. We got what we came for, but so much more!  He won champion class, Best male with CAC/CACIB,  Amsterdam Winner '17, Crufts Qualification, BEST OF BREED.  In mainring he kept on moving like a dream and flirted his way to win the TOY group.


Judged toy by Breed Judge Mrs Pamela Runderkamp (NL) and group judge Mr Lee Cox (UK)

Posted by Kathleen Roosens on Dec 27, 2017